All Events are Neutral: A Path to Freedom

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All Events are Neutral: A Path to Freedom


Integrating these four simple words can be life changing. All events are neutral, and you are free to see them any way you choose. This includes your body (thoughts, emotions, sensations), all life experiences (the joyful and the painful), and all people you encounter.  This practice is about taking responsibility for every reaction you allow to make a home in your body. Nothing outside of you creates your experience, therefore all events are neutral. A very simple example of this is one that we have all likely experienced. Say you are running late for an appointment and you drive up to a red light. Suddenly you feel irritable and angry. You believe that if the red light would just turn green, everything would be better. You have made yourself a victim of the red light, when in reality, the red light is neutral. You and you alone have chosen to identify with the anger and frustration that surfaced within. It was your choice to connect to these energies. This practice is about cultivating an awareness of your reactions and choosing to meet them with innocence and love, rather than seriousness and judgement.

What I am sharing here is a foundational teaching of the book, The Way of Mastery. In each moment, you can choose judgement, victimization, negativity, etc. Or you can choose peace, allowance, acceptance and love. This teaching is like hitting the pause button on life so that you can choose consciously every time. It is a reminder that life was never meant to be taken so seriously. When I practice this, it reminds me to look upon my life with the innocence of a child. We are all powerful creators of our lives. The way we choose to think about ourselves and the world around us creates our reality. So why not choose ease? Why not choose innocence and love at all times? 

lightShould you choose to anchor this teaching into your body and life, you will surely come up against some resistance to this. There are parts within us that want someone or something to blame. We have parts that don’t want to take responsibility! Have you ever experienced this? Healing does not know the word blame. We heal not by resisting or judging the darkness (judgement, negativity, victimization, etc.), but by cultivating a relationship with the Light (allowance, acceptance, love, peace, etc.). We heal through recognizing the resistance, embracing it and making another choice over and over again to become identified with the Light.

“Along the pathway of this course, you are going to learn how to shake hands with the devil, and do a little jig with him and recognize his face to be your own. When you can dance with the darkness that you have created, that darkness is transformed into an angel, and light abides with Light.” –The Way of Mastery

This teaching gets tested in times of tragedy. How can this be applied to situations like a school shooting, a terrorist attack, or when someone you love dies? It’s not about brushing off the tragedy or not caring. Rather it’s a reminder to pause and breathe. It gives you permission to redirect the negativity and fear- the cycle of needing to know why and your focus on fairness. It reminds you that you can choose where to place your energy and your heart. You can choose to send love to your own heartache and pain. You can choose to be present with the emotions that roll through in waves so that they can pass with ease. You can choose to send your light out to the people that have been affected by the tragedy. The path of healing is about embracing and accepting all things as your own creation and choosing to relate to them consciously. Each time you choose darkness, you always have an opportunity to choose again. That is the gift of our ability to create!

“Take a deep breath into the body and let it go. As the breath leaves the body, hold the thought that there is nothing worth holding onto any longer that keeps your peace and happiness at arm’s length.” –The Way of Mastery

If there is one thing that recent life events has reminded me, it’s that life is much too precious to take seriously. Giggle like an innocent child, smile often, and spread the love within you out into the world. Don’t stress the little stuff and accept all beings for who they are.

Love and blessings to you.



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