Check In, Be Still, & Release: Your Fall Guide to Healing

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Check In, Be Still, & Release: Your Fall Guide to Healing

Happy Fall! We are moving towards the peak of Autumn and that means more than just sweaters, jeans, and cute boots (although I love all of these things)! As we move deeper into the season, we will watch the trees shed their leaves and the plants begin to die. The energy all around is moving from outward to inward. Nature is grounding and going back to its roots. Whether we realize it or not, we are connected to nature and we find ourselves aligned with this energetic shift. Fall is a time to check in, get quiet, be still, and release the old. We prepare ourselves now so that in the spring we are ready to invite in the new.

During this season, you may find yourself simplifying and tapping back into your center by shedding what’s no longer needed. If so, follow your intuition! There is a reason why you feel called to clean out the cobwebs from the crawlspace, both physically and energetically. After the excitement of summer, this shift always feels really good and completely necessary to me. Times of transition, like the change of seasons, are potent times to set intentions on what you’d like to release. These intentions may be physical (like a habit or clutter in your home), mental (belief system that’s holding you back), emotional (letting go of toxic emotions), or spiritual (what blocks you from connection to Divine). The releasing and healing process can take time and seeing it through can be a challenge for most of us. Here are some suggestion on ways to support your releasing process.

The energy all around is moving from outward to inward. Nature is grounding and going back to its roots.

We become better listeners when we regularly quiet the mind and get still. It’s in the space between thoughts that our intuition and heart speak to us.  Meditation strengthens our awareness. When we’re aware of what creates density and unease within, we can begin to heal and release. It is our presence in the body and deep breath that offers the healing. Everything is energy. This includes sensations, emotions, and thoughts. Our breath and presence moves energy.
Exploration: Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier than you usually do. You can do it! Sit comfortably and focus on your breath. Notice what you feel. Where you are tight and where you are open? What emotion(s) is/are stirring within? Are you feeling anxious about your day? Is there sadness in your heart? Perhaps you are feeling joyful and light. Honor it all! Notice your thoughts. Witness the thoughts without judging them or becoming attached to them. Notice the ease or difficulty with which you are able to sit still and be present. The point is to become aware of your experience. There is no right or wrong. The experience you are having is always perfect even though it might be difficult. 

Writing is a source of release by getting the energy in the body out onto the page. Once you’re aware of your intention(s) for release, write about it/them. Journaling about your intention is like a declaration that you’re ready. This declaration can help jump start the release process and draw in the support that will be needed to help you through it.
Exploration: Sit down with your journal and begin to write about what you’d like to release. Try not to over think it. Let yourself free write and write whatever shows up in the moment. Continue to check in a few times a week and write about your experience. What are the challenges? Proudly write about your progress. Be grateful for each step forward as well as for the lessons in the challenges. 

*Be in NatureIMG_0645
We are in the flow of nature whether we realize it or not. The more that we connect to what’s happening all around us, the easier it becomes to
settle into the flow of our own lives. It can be challenging to let go of old patterns and habits. Get outside regularly and be inspired by the ease with which nature releases and sheds what is no longer needed.
Exploration: Take time daily to be outside. It can be as few as 5 minutes. Move mindfully and be in joy as you witness the beauty all around.

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